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Well, all the racing in the NASCAR Cartoon Cup Series is over and done with, now there's one more story that needs to be told;

It begins in a hospital in Tokyo, Japan, which shall remain nameless, set one week after the Motegi Coca Cola 500. In one room, lying in bed with her limbs in plaster casts, is Cartoon Cup Series driver Rainbow Dash, still recovering from her injuries sustained when Danny Phantom took control of her and put her in the path of Abigail Lincoln's car. At her bedside is her friend and crew chief, Fluttershy.

Rainbow Dash: Dammit, will I ever get better?

Fluttershy: Well, this stuff can takes upwards of several weeks to recover from, but I'll be here for you.

Rainbow Dash: Thanks, but you know there could be another Cup season next year! What if I'm not able to drive then?

Fluutershy: Don't worry; I'm sure you'll be all better by then!

Rainbow Dash: But what if I'm not?

Fluttershy: Oh, well, they could always get Derpy to drive the car next year.

Rainbow Dash: Derpy's a retard!

Fluttershy: But she seems nice!

Rainbow Dash: Whatever!

Fluttershy: Well, I just hope you'll be better by then.

Celestia: She will be.

Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash turn to see Princess Celestia, the ruler of their homeland Equestria, who'd just teleported into the room.

Rainbow Dash: Princess? What are you doing here?

Celestia: Like I said, you will be better. I'll personally be taking to that.

Fluttershy: What do you mean?

Celestia: Well, the laws of nature allows these injuries to heal only very slowly; and human medical care is quite primitive, so I've decided I'm going to go ahead and heal you, myself.

Rainbow Dash: Um, OK, but why?

Celestia: You may not know it, but you and Fluttershy are due somewhere right now, and you cannot go in this condition, so I'm here to change that.

Rainbow Dash: Uh, alright, let's do this.

Celestia: Very well.

Princess Celestia then casts some magic from her horn onto Rainbow Dash, creating a rejuvenating feeling inside of her. The process takes several seconds, after which the plaster casts are removed. Rainbow Dash now finds herself able to move all of her limbs and wings exactly as she could before, and is delighted.

Rainbow Dash: Wow, thanks, Princess!

Celestia: No problem. Now, like I said, you two are both due somewhere.

Fluttershy: Where?

Celestia: All in good time.

Celestia opens up a portal with her magic, and motions Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy to go through. They then nervously go through, and when they come out, are pleasantly surprised by what they see;

We're now set at a hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the swimming pool. The pool is playing host to a Cartoon Cup Series postseason pool party, the guests for which include all the drivers and crew chiefs having participated in the season's Chase for the Cartoon Cup. They all (well, most of them) greet Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash enthusiastically.

Rainbow Dash: No way! I didn't know you were having a pool party!

Homer: Well, we didn't think you were coming; but we're glad to see you better; must have been magic or something.

Rainbow Dash: Uh, yeah. Anyway, who's up for some Marco Polo?

Several characters, including Master Shake, Wallabee Beetles, Beavis and Ed all join in the game.

Meanwhile, the champions, Homer and Marge Simpson are pleasantly relaxing in the hot tub.

Marge: Ah, this is nice, isn't it, Homey? You and me, the champions, just relaxing without a care in the world.

Homer: Yeah, but you're forgetting something.

Marge: What's that?

Homer: Hot tubs are very, shall we say, romantic!

Marge: Oh, Homey!

Marge pulls Homer towards herself, and the two start to make out. They get more into it with time, easing their tongues in, and groping each other's half-naked bodies as a hot water bubbles around them.

While some aforementioned characters continue playing Marco Polo (Rainbow Dash was Marco, then she caught Wally), in the other side of the pool is where Phineas Flynn and Isabella Garcia-Shapiro are playing with each other in the water.

Isabella: Race ya!

The two start to swim across the pool, but then by time they get to the middle, they start splashing each other instead, laughing gleefully as they hit each other with water. In a short time, they're right up against each other, and their lips lock together...

Meanwhile, Peter Griffin, Eric Cartman, and Hoagie P. Gilligan are all on lounge chairs, talking;

Peter: Wow Cartman, that Tohru girl really had some effect on ya!

Hoagie: Yeah, you fell right into her arms there!

Cartman: I don't know. It's like there was something about her character that lets her make everything better for you, you know?

Hoagie: (snickers) You don't think...

Cartman: Oh, no! Besides, she has someone. Kyo Sohma, her crew chief. (sigh)

Peter: What is it?

Cartman: Well, it's just that - we're all a bunch of fat guys, and you two have bagged yourself hot babes, and I haven't!

Hoagie: Well, you are a pretty mean guy. And I doubt you'll find anyone else like Tohru...

Cartman: (sigh) Forget it.

At this point, Peter's wife Lois appears.

Lois: C'mon, Peter. Let's do something more fun!

Peter: (giggles)

Lois snuggles up to Peter and the two start making out and petting each other, prompting Cartman and Hoagie to get up and leave.

Around this time, Rainbow Dash, Master Shake, Beavis, Ed and Eddy are all playing monkey in the middle in the pool. For Shake, being the monkey is a breeze, since he can just use his straw to suck in the ball and catch it just like that. It's real easy for Rainbow Dash as well, and all of them are having fun.

Meanwhile, Homer and Marge are still in the hot tub when Nigel Uno and Rachel McKenzie approach them.

Homer: Hey, Nigel!

Nigel: Can we join you?

Marge: Of course you can!

Nigel and Rachel then get in the hot tub, sitting aside each other, across from Homer and Marge. Rachel then snuggles up to Nigel.

Marge: Aw, aren't they cute, Homey?

Homer: Yeah. We used to be like that!

Nigel and Rachel chuckle.

Rachel: It's amazing; being here in NASCAR has brought Nigel me closer together! It's magical!

Marge: Same here! Me and Homer have hardly ever fought since the season started.

Nigel: Nice! And l really have been getting closer to my Rach...

Rachel: (giggle)

Nigel and Rachel pull each other in and kiss. In a short matter of time, their tongues are brought into play, and their bodies lock each other together. Homer and Marge watch, fondly reminiscing of their own days as a young couple.

Meanwhile, in a more isolated part of the pool area is Danny Phantom, with Sam Manson beside him.

Sam: What's wrong, Danny? You seem so withdrawn.

Danny: Well, I wasn't expecting that pony to be here, much less having healed. And besides (sigh) I feel so awful about last week! I don't know how I can face it!

Sam puts an arm around Danny.

Sam: I know this sounds so cheesy, but do what's in your heart. Your heart will tell you what's best in this case. It certainly did that for you with love, and, well, you listened then. (wink)

Danny: Well, I guess that could work, but I still don't know.

Sam: Trust me. (smiles)

Sam then briefly kisses Danny on the lips, and then everyone in the pool party is called to attention;

Standing at the front of the pool area are a bunch of men in suits; among them NASCAR President Mike Helton and NASCAR CEO Brian France. Joining them are the owners of all the teams that made it into the Chase; Jack Roush of Roush-Fenway Racing, Rick Hendrick of Hendrick Motorsports, Richard Childress of Richard Childress Racing, Joe Gibbs of Joe Gibbs Racing, Roger Penske of Penske Racing, Michael Waltrip of Michael Waltrip Racing, Chip Ganassi of Earnhardt Ganassi Racing, Tony Stewart of Stewart-Haas Racing, Richard Petty of Richard Petty Motorsports, and the owner's champion, Thomas Ueberall of BK Racing.

Helton: Hello, everyone!

The cartoons applaud, and then listen intently.

Helton: You know, my colleague here, Mr. Brian France, was hesitant about having a bunch of cartoon characters drive in NASCAR. He actually thought that fans, crews, and officials would be killed because he thought all cartoons were reckless drivers!

All: (laughing)

France: But then he convinced me, and as the season progressed, I knew I was proven wrong. All of you have really impressed me, impressed us both, with your on-track presence. Your tenacity, your will, and your skills are much more than either Mike or myself would've thought of at first.

All: (applause)

Helton: And now, here we are, at this motel, at this swimming pool, in this sun, what could be more perfect, really? Anyway, it's been one hell of a ride, and I just wanted you thank you all... for the best NASCAR racing season ever!

All: (cheering)

France: And now, our team owners would like to speak to you.

First one to speak is "The King," Richard Petty.

Petty: Well, I've been involved with this grand sport since the 19-freakin'-50's! Many say that I'm one of the greatest men to have ever climbed into a racecar. I'm not inclined to disagree with that. But, I'm a humble man and team owner, and so there's someone I have to give a shout out to; Phineas Flynn! There's just something about you that makes me wish I was like you at your age. I don't know what it is, but you've made be proud to have the #43 car as my own. And Isabella, crew chief, you guys just click! You were made for each other, you know that? Anyways, you've both been great with our team, thank you!

The others applaud; Phineas and Isabella smile and wave, then they share a kiss. Next owner to speak is Michael Waltrip.

Waltrip: This Cartoon Cup season has been a crazy one. And my driver, Master Shake; is probably one of the craziest things in this sport! You're a fast food drink, for God's sake! And you've been a real proficient driver all season long, very tough all the way. And you, Ignignokt. You look like some weird video game character, but in the reality of being a crew chief, well, you've done really well at that! Thank you, both!

Shake and Ignignokt wave at the others' acknowledgements, and then the next owner to speak is Tony Stewart.

Stewart: You know, I used to be a real bad guy in this sport. I picked fights with drivers, crews, officials, you name it. And Eric Cartman, you really remind me of me. That's why I chose you to drive for me. And all season you've been great, winning at Indy, leading the points all those weeks, you've just been great. And Kyle Broflovski, as a crew chief, well, well let's just say that you're the coolest Jew I've ever known. And Cartman, you're cool too. Thanks, guys!

Cartman and Kyle smile and wave, and the next owner to speak is Rick Hendrick.

Hendrick: The only person to have won more races than me as an owner as Richard Petty. But seriously, some dismiss this type of racing as boring, you know? And Beavis, I remember you saying that NASCAR was a bunch of dumbasses going around in circles. Well, I don't consider you a dumbass, even if you really are one. And neither are you, Daria. You certainly know how to be a crew chief. Thanks to you both. I'm sure Jeff Gordon is proud right now!

Beavis and Daria wave to everyone, and the next owner to speak is Jack Roush.

Roush: (imitating bass instrument) He's a phantom! Really, Danny, you are probably the most resourceful driver I've ever had, maybe even more so than Mark Martin and Matt Kenseth combined! Seriously, that ghost thing you do with your car is the coolest thing I've ever seen! And Sam, not only are you great as a crew chief, you and Danny are so great together, and you've made Roush-Fenway Racing proud. Thank you.

Danny and Sam wave to all the others, then they kiss. The next owner to speak is Richard Childress.

Childress: You probably know me as the guy for whom the great Dale Earnhardt drove. Well, he may be gone, but I'm still standing! And my guys, well, there amongst the best I've had. Ed, with your lovability, Eddy, with your sheer cunning, Jonny 2X4, with your cheerfulness, and Rolf, with your strength. Plus, you're all great out there on the track, and I'm honored to call you all my friends, thank you.

Ed, Eddy, Jonny and Rolf all stand proudly amongst the other characters for a little bit. Then, the next owner to speak is Roger Penske.

Penske: I'm been involved with all types of racing. NASCAR, IndyCar, Formula One, Le Mans, you name it. I've had many drivers in all of those series, and many crew chiefs. But two of my favorites, of course, are Hoagie P. Gilligan and Wally Beetles. One of you is a jock, one of you is a nerd, and I don't know how it's possible, but you just work so well together, especially on the track, and I'm proud to say that you're members of the Penske family. Thanks, you guys!

Hoagie and Wally take their applause with smiles. Then, the next owner to speak is Chip Ganassi.

Ganassi: Just like Mr. Penske, I too have been with many different types of car racing. And I've also had many drivers and crew chiefs. And Nigel Uno and Rachel McKenzie never cease to amaze me. Besides how well you two work on the track, your relationship is one that, I think, can be looked up to by us all. You just work so well, both with each other and with Earnhardt Ganassi Racing, so thank you both!

Nigel and Rachel wave to everyone and share a kiss. Then the next owner to talk is Joe Gibbs.

Gibbs: I seem to have attracted a lot of controversy from recruiting a group of "loving" and "tolerant" ponies to drive my racecars. Many had their doubts, even myself at times. But, you, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy, you've proven everyone wrong. You made it through the rough times, and came within an inch of the title! I think you work great at Joe Gibbs Racing. Thanks, you two.

Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy beam as they're acknowledged, and then the last owner to speak is Thomas Ueberall.

Ueberall: Those are the losers, 'cause we are the champions! That we are! We are so defintely the breakout team here! I mean it's only BK Racing's first year, and we're already champions! And our drivers and crew chiefs are awesome; Peter and Lois Griffin...

Peter and Lois share a kiss as they're acknowledged.

Ueberall: And then there's the man and woman of the hour, the champions, Homer and Marge Simpson!

Homer and Marge stand and cheer as the other characters cheer with them. They share a kiss, then sit back down.

Helton: And I know many of you have been wondering for some time now, so we''ll now confirm what you've been thinking; next year, this coming February, the NASCAR Cartoon Cup Series will return for a 2nd season, and you'll all be in it!

Everyone cheers hysterically at the news that they'll be returning for another season.

France: Alright, well, we've said all we wanted to say. Anyway, it's been a season to remember, enjoy the rest of the pool party, and we look forward to-

Suddenly, the guilt that Danny has been feeling all day gets to him;

Danny: Oh my God, I can't take it anymore!

Everyone gasps.

Helton: What is it, Danny?

Danny: Look! I have something to confess! I've been holding it in all day, and I can't hold it any longer; I hurt Rainbow Dash!


Danny: I went ghost and took control of Rainbow Dash's body! I went ghost and drove through her, she wrecked me, and I wanted revenge! I'm the one who placed her in the path of the #5 car! I hurt Rainbow Dash!

Everyone just stares at Danny, shocked. All the owners, particularly Jack Roush and Joe Gibbs, cannot resist incredulous looks at each other. Meanwhile, Danny moves over towards Rainbow Dash.

Danny: I was angry because we wrecked, and I let my temper go. And I hurt you horribly, and I don't know how you got better so fast, but I would've gladly paid the medical bills. Look, I just feel so horrible about this! I'm sorry, Rainbow Dash!

Rainbow Dash thinks; about how she'd let her temper go too, about how she'd gotten into fights with other drivers, remembered how closely she lost the championship by, and realized that Danny and herself were just as imperfect. After thinking it through, she goes up with Danny, arms outstretched. Danny outstretches his own arms, and the two hug.

Rainbow Dash: It's okay, Danny. I forgive you.

All: (applause)

Sam then walks up to Danny and hugs and kisses him, and then hugs Rainbow Dash.

France: Uh, yeah, okay, we're all gonna go now. See ya next season!

All of the owners leave to go back inside the building, and so the pool party continues on; nothing interesting happens, so we won't talk about it.

This concludes the story of the NASCAR Cartoon Cup Series...for now. But I still have some stuff to say, so don't go away just yet!
Just one last side story in the Cartoon Cup Series. I still have some more to say before I wrap this up; to read that, click here; [link]
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Donknowitall21 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A great end to a great season. And I had no idea how Season 2 would be like
ONI-Defense Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Cartman isn't racist, he just hates everybody equally. But I guessed that changed.

I feel this was a great way to wrap up the first season.
DarthWill3 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, Fluttershy's always there for her sister-like figure. :iconfluttersqueeplz:
And don't even think about putting Derpy in Dashie's place. She's an idiot and entirely expendable.
Never thought I'd see Princess Celestia healing Dashie so soon!

Look at all the cute young couples! Can you imagine it all going around you? :aww: :love:

Stewart was a bad racer? Who'd have thought it? :wow:

Glad to see that Danny confessed. And things between him and Dashie are all settled. :phew:
SuperBlackdeth666 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012
I thought everyone who was in the Chase should be at the pool party, and since those injuries take a long time to heal, it pretty much had to happen.

What do you mean, "young" couples? What about Homer/Marge and Peter/Lois?

It's true; Tony Stewart was a "bad guy" early in his career, like Kyle Busch today. But he's grown up now, and is one of the most popular drivers out there. Of course, you'd know this if you knew NASCAR like :iconburstflame24: and I do!
DarthWill3 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Well, they're okay.

Thanks for the info.

Anyway, you're making this fanfic quite long, don't you think?
SuperBlackdeth666 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012
Don't worry, there's just one chapter left; in fact, I posted it just now!
DarthWill3 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Alright! Way to go!
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