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Championship semifinal match; Detroit Alicorns vs Philadelphia Thestrals.

Team rosters;

Detroit Alicorns
Chaser: Pinkie Pie (#81)
Chaser: Fluttershy (#02)
Chaser: Spike (#01)
Beater: Applejack (#18)
Beater: Rarity (#21)
Keeper: Twilight Sparkle [C] (#11)
Seeker: Rainbow Dash (#20)
Coach: Princess Celestia

Philadelphia Thestrals
Chaser: Kuki Sanban (#3)
Chaser: Abigail Lincoln (#5)
Chaser: Fanny Fullbright (#86)
Beater: Hoagie P. Gilligan (#2)
Beater: Cree Lincoln (#11)
Keeper: Nigel Uno [C] (#1)
Seeker: Wallabee Beetles (#4)
Coach: Rachel McKenzie

Remember, the winner of this match will face the Marseille Sphinxes in Potter Bowl III...!

Harry: Can you feel it in the air? The Potter Bowl is so close, I can practically taste it, myself! Last time we were here, the Marseille Sphinxes fought their way in, becoming the first European team to be playing for the championship - 'bout time. But first, we come to you from Philadelphia's Lincoln Financial Field, where the Philadelphia Thestrals and Detroit Alicorns will fight for the right to face the Sphinxes in Potter Bowl III!

Ron: And look how far the Alicorns have come, guys. Their first one-and-a-half seasons, they spent writhing around at the bottom of the pile. Then they started to improve after they got those new brooms from Viktor Krum himself. And look at 'em now - just one more victory and they'll be in the Potter Bowl, the grandest stage of 'em all! But of course, they'll have the Philadelphia Thestrals to get past, first.

Hermione: Yeah, and the Thestrals have always been one of the stalwarts of the whole league. Of course, the real big one has always been just out of their reach. I'm not going to bother making a pick for this match, but statisically, Philadelphia has always been the stronger of these two teams, and all the fans here seem to know it, too!

Harry: Well throw away those stats, Hermione, because none of those make a damn bit of difference when this much is at stake, here!


Pinkie Pie: Oh my God, I can't believe it! We're going to the Potter Bowl!

Twilight: Uh, not quite, Pinkie. We still have to beat these guys, first.

Rainbow Dash: That'll be a piece of cake! I'll catch that Snitch so fast, that lil' Australian pipsqueak won't know what hit 'im!

Applejack: Well ya migh' wanna be careful. These ain't no ord'nary kids, ya know.

Rainbow Dash: Please, what could happen...?


Fire is ignited in the eyes of the Alicorns, the Thestrals and their fans as the Bludgers and the Golden Snitch are released and sent out of sight. A roar then erupts from the fans as the Quaffle is thrown up to the sky;

Crowd: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... THESTRALS RULE!

Harry: And with that, we are on in Philly!

The first to the Quaffle is Kuki Sanban, and she claims possession for the Philadelphia Thestrals, but just as she does so;

Rarity: Relashio!

Kuki: (gasp) But I just had it! Where'd it go?!?

Rarity's Revulsion Jinx forces the Quaffle out from Kuki's grasp almost as soon as she gets a hold of it. The loose Quaffle is then quickly swiped up by Spike for the Detroit Alicorns.

Rarity: Go get 'em, Spikey-wikey!

As Applejack knocks away an oncoming Bludger, Spike just narrowly avoids the waiting arms of Abigail Lincoln. Fanny Fulbright then charges, but misses him and almost runs into Abigail.

Abigail: Watch it, you almost hit Numbuh 5!

Fanny: (facepalm)

With that, Spike heads straight for the Philadelphia Thestrals scoring area;

Harry: Oh, but it's SAVED by Nigel Uno!

Nigel: You think that little lizard of yours can outsmart ME?!? Don't make me laugh!

Rarity: It's okay, Spikey. Next time...!

Spike makes the error of shooting right at the hoop that Nigel Uno was stationed at, and so Nigel easily catches the Quaffle in his chest before it can go through the hoop, much to the delight of all the fans in attendence.

Smirking, Nigel tosses the Quaffle back into play, right over to Abigail Lincoln. The first to charge at her is Spike, but he's then forced to break off when Abigail's sister Cree Lincoln nearly knocks his head off with a Bludger.

Abigail: Thanks, sis, I needed that!

Cree: (thumbs-up)

Abigail then passes the Quaffle over to Kuki Sanban; Fanny Fulbright immediately flies up to flank her for support. And just in time, because Pinkie Pie is speeding like a missile right at Kuki. But that's where Fanny's S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R. comes into play...

Pinkie Pie: AAAGH! You struck me!

Fanny: Bite me!

As Pinkie Pie writhes around, clutching her face where Fanny's S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R. smacked her, Kuki Sanban blows right by Fluttershy and into the Detroit Alicorns' scoring area;

Harry: The little girl SCORES! 10 points to the Philadelphia Thestrals!

Kuki: Yay, I scored! I scored, I scored, I SCORED!!

Wally: (calling out) Nice one, Kooks! (blows kiss)

Twilight: (cringing)

The Quaffle just barely slips by Twilight Sparkle before she can catch it or cast a spell or anything, and the Philadelphia Thestrals open up a 10-0 lead over the Detroit Alicorns.

With a facepalm, Twilight Sparkle throws the Quaffle right back into play and over to Fluttershy. But as soon as she turns around to get going, Abigail Lincoln gets right in her face with her S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R. raised;

Fluttershy: (incomprehensible screaming)

Crowd: (cheering)

Tears are let loose from Fluttershy's eyes as she clutches her throbbing face where the S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R. hit her. Meanwhile, Abigail takes up the loose Quaffle and heads right back for the Alicorns' goal;

Twilight: Imperio!

Ron: Blimey, Abby's turning and heading back the other way... but she didn't even shoot!


Hoagie: Abby, what the hell are you doing?!?

Under the influence of Twilight Sparkle's Imperius Curse, Abigail Lincoln suddenly turns back around and heads in the other direction, still with the Quaffle in her possession. Her teammates plead her to turn back around, but she keeps on going, making the crowd cover their eyes as she heads up to her own team's goal...

Harry: And Abigail Lincoln has just scored... for the other team! That ties us up at 10.

Crowd: (booing)

Nigel: My God, I think you were Imperiused!

Abigail: Wha... I... huh?

The curse is only released after Abigail scores on her own team's goal, earning 10 points to the Detroit Alicorns and tying the match at 10 points even.

Dazed and confused, Abigail reluctantly regroups with the rest of the team as Nigel Uno hands the Quaffle over to Fanny Fulbright. As she evades Pinkie Pie and gets to midfield, she pays no heed to the Bludger that Applejack just hit at her;

Hermione: Oh, man!

Harry: She's still on her broom, but Detroit has the Quaffle back.

Ron: Nigel Uno better stay on his toes...!

Fanny reels from the Bludger hit to the abdomen as the Quaffle falls out of her arms, only to be picked up by Fluttershy. Hoagie Gilligan knocks a Bludger towards her, but it misses. Kuki Sanban makes a go at the Quaffle, but she comes up short, and Fluttershy is left open to approach the Thestrals' goal;

Harry: Here's the shot... Fluttershy SCORES! The Alicorns take the lead!


Fluttershy: Yay.

Nigel: (facepalm) These ponies are making us look like ants.

The fans gasp in disgust as the Quaffle slips right through Nigel Uno's fingers and rockets through the hoop; with this, the Detroit Alicorns take the lead, by a score of 20-10 over the Philadelphia Thestrals, giving them the upper hand for the first time in this match. All Nigel can do for the moment is look on furiously as the Alicorns cheer wildly almost as if they've already won the match while his own team's fans boo them relentlessly...


Nigel then heaves the Quaffle halfway across the pitch; Abigail Lincoln catches it right at midfield.

Spike: Don't even think about it!

Fanny: Get it to me, Abby!

Finding herself triple-teamed by Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Spike, Abigail just manages to get the Quaffle through a gap in between them and over to Fanny Fulbright. As an additional insurance policy, Hoagie Gilligan and Cree Lincoln execute a perfect Dopplebeater Defence, sending a Bludger speeding like a ballisic missile over towards Detroit's Chasers and making them scatter away in fear of their own lives.

Hoagie: You're wide open, Fanny, go for it!

And go for it Fanny does, flying at full speed into the Detroit scoring area and up to the hoops;

Harry: SAVED by Twilight Sparkle!

Fanny: Curse you bloody horses!

Twilight: I'll curse you if you don't shut your trap.

As soon as she catches the Quaffle, Twilight Sparkle punches it over to Spike. But as she does so...


Harry: Oh, but the Golden Snitch has appeared, and Wally Beatles is after it and the fans are on their feet!

Ron: He bloody well better catch it as quickly as he can. That Rainbow Dash can pop out of nowhere at any second and take it all away from 'em.

Hermione: Well, she hasn't appeared yet...

While the rest of the team continues to be schooled, Wally Beatles spots and takes off after the Golden Snitch, trying like hell to catch it before Rainbow Dash can get to it, win this match for the Philadelphia Thestrals and get them into Potter Bowl III.

Meanwhile, Spike gets the Quaffle past midfield and over onto Philadelphia's side of the pitch, where he passes it over to Pinkie Pie. Fanny Fulbright trails behind her; noticing that she has a clear path to the goal, she instinctively reaches out and grabs a hold of her broom in the hopes of holding her back...

Harry: Oh, but there's a penalty!

Ron: And Fanny's stupidity in that situation just gave the Thestrals the last thing they needed - 10 more potential points for the Alicorns.

Hermione: Not to mention buying more time for Rainbow Dash...

The referee's call;

Referee: Blagging. Philadelphia, #86. That's a penalty shot for Detroit!

Crowd: (booing furiously)

Fanny: Oh, shut up! Like they can do anything!

Fanny Fulbright is slapped with a Blagging penalty, awarding a penalty shot to the Detroit Alicorns. As it was Pinkie Pie who got "Blagged," she is called to take the shot. Staying true to her quick style of play, she dashes into the Philadelphia Thestrals' scoring area like a madman and punches the Quaffle towards the hoops with all her might;

Harry: And it's a GOAL! 30-10, Detroit!

Pinkie Pie: YAY!

Ron: Yeah, but Wally Beatles is still on the Snitch...!

Even as the Alicorns pad their lead to 30-10, Wally Beatles is tantalizingly close to catch the Golden Snitch; the fans in Lincoln Financial Field notice this and forget about their team's other troubles as they cheer Wally on.

Crowd: (chanting) NUMBER 4 IS NUMBER 1! (clap, clap, clap-clap-clap) NUMBER 4 IS NUMBER 1! (clap, clap, clap-clap-clap)

But then, as Wally comes within a fingertip of the Snitch, with a quick flash of blue, it disappears right from his sight. He looks around dumbfounded for a split-second, and then hangs his head sadly as he realizes what's just happened; the crowd also falls silent as they catch on.

Harry: Rainbow Dash has done it again! After two seasons as laughingstocks, the Detroit Alicorns are going to the Potter Bowl III!

Rainbow Dash: Works every t- AH!

Fluttershy: (bearhugs Rainbow Dash) YOU DID IT, RAINBOW DASH! Oh, we're gonna be champions now, I JUST KNOW IT!!

Applejack: Finally, after all this time, we're gonna be on top!


Rarity: I'm bustling with excitement just as well, darlings!

Twilight: Yeah, well, making the Potter Bowl was only half the battle...

Spike: Aw, come on, Twilight. At this rate, we're sure to beat those Sphinxes!

With Rainbow Dash's signature move, the Snitch ends up in her possession to end the game with the Detroit Alicorns defeatng the Philadelphia Thestrals, 180-10. With this victory, the Detroit Alicorns will be going to Potter Bowl III, in which they will face the Marseille Sphinxes for the world championship.

The fans at Lincoln Financial Field all leave the stadium in defeat, while the Philadelphia Thestrals retreat to their locker room, equally somber. And after a particularly elated round of celebrations on their end, the Alicorns all gather around their coach, Princess Celestia.

Celestia: Well, everypony... we did it. That sums it up perfectly - we did it! For as long as we can remember, the entire cartoon universe and Quidditch fandom have both laughed and pointed at us, thinking that we'd never get anywhere here. Now, after three seasons, we are on the cusp of winning it all, just as the Providence Griffins and Kyoto Kappa did before us. Now you and I all know just as well that this will be our toughest fight yet. Those Marseille Sphinxes will undoubtedly bring a better game than they ever have. But what they don't know or understand - at least not like we do - is the magic of friendship! It got the Kyoto Kappa their Potter Bowl victory last season, and it'll give us one this season! We'll do what they did, only better, and we will win!! Alicorns on three! One, two, three!


Celestia: Friendship on three! One, two, three!


That's it then. Next match; Potter Bowl III, between the Detroit Alicorns and the Marseille Sphinxes. See you in Rio!
The semifinal match of the 3rd Cartoon Quidditch regular season, between the Detroit Alicorns and the Philadelphia Thestrals! Winner faces the Marseille Sphinxes in Potter Bowl III...

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HAH! That's karma for you Abby!

MORE PAYBACK!!! Nice shot Flutters!

And Rainbow snatches victory from the jaws of the Thestrals!!! They're going to the Potter Bowl!!! :squee: :happybounce: :headbang: :O_o: Wait...they're the Potter play the...Sphinxes...:confused: conflict of interests I have.
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Poor Fluttershy. She's too cute to be hurt! :iconfluttercryplz:

"Imperiused." :rofl:

Pinkie and Fluttershy are so adorable! Andrea Libman has voiced some very cute characters in her time! Don't you agree? :iconpinkiecuteplz::iconflutterblushplz:

Fanny, you moron... :facepalm:

Way to go, Dashie! I knew you could do it! :w00t:

Aw... Dashie gets a hug from her little sister! :iconrainbowdashblushplz:

I gotta say, the Princess has a way with speeches. :thumbsup:

YES!!! The Alicorns make it to the Potter Bowl!!! :iconyahooplz:

You're missing "us" in "These ponies are making us look like ants..." Plus, I think it should be "30-10" for "And it's a GOAL! 30-10, Detroit!"
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So...who do you have winning the Potter Bowl? I idea. I can't pick a winner.
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I was hoping Philly would win but at least Detroit is going to go win it.
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